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Welcome to ZALEMO’s Monthly Safety Toolkit Resource Site! 


Our monthly safety toolkits are meant to help facilitate and enhance workplace safety meetings. Each month we create a customized "mini curriculum" for you to share with your employees on a new, relevant topic. We want to evolve the traditional safety meeting. We use our industry expertise and training methods to equip your business with the best tools to start creating a safety culture and not just a safety conversation.


January's Theme: Hand Safety

Step 1. Supervisor’s PowerPoint: Click Here, for a PDF version of this document: Click Here (Use as a visual aid to conduct your monthly Safety Toolbox Talk)

Step 2. Supervisor’s Script: Click Here (To be used alongside PowerPoint) 

Step 3. Hand Safety Handouts: Handout 1, Handout 2, Handout 3 (Sample Hand Safety Factsheets)

Step 4. Hand Safety Quiz and Answer Sheet: Quiz & Answer Key (Sample Review Quiz)

Step 5. Site Communication Poster: Click Here (Print 11 x 14 copy to hang on site)

Step 6. Sign-in Sheet:  Click Here (Record of attendance to be turned in after meeting)

Step 7. Additional Resources

            a. Phone Apps: (Suggested phone application downloads)

For more information or additional safety related services please reach out to ZALEMO at (832) 864-3583