IRONWOOD Business Consulting has decades of experience recruiting safety, HR, and DOT compliance specialists. Businesses all have access to vast pools of resumes, but most fail in properly distinguishing the qualified candidates from the quality resume writers. IRONWOOD understands that recruiting is a two-way process. Finding the right candidate goes beyond certifications on paper. Matching a candidate to the culture of the company and the personalities of the managing executives can make the difference between a long-term asset to just another quick fix with lots of certifications. The new position needs to fit both the employer and employee in experience and expectations.

Often, employers lean too heavily on certifications and not on real-world application of the candidate’s field of expertise. It is not uncommon to find 50%+ of resumes lack application of regulations and certifications to the average employer’s real-world problems. The fast-growing employer looking to hire their first Safety, HR or DOT Director commonly stumbles straight out of the gate by trying to recruit the wrong type of candidate.

A professional that has only worked in international firms will almost assuredly fail in a small family owned business that requires the candidate to know what to do around every corner and get it done. Also, the professional that has only worked in small family owned businesses tends to stumble just as easily trying to jump into an international firm that does not want or need a “jack-of-all trades” candidate. IRONWOOD has experience matching the right candidate to the right corporate culture and at the same time, vetting for real-world relevant experience.

Contact IRONWOOD to help determine if your company is ready for making the next step by recruiting a safety, HR or DOT specialist. We are here to help your company get the right person for the right position, ensuring a long-term, successful relationship between employee and employer.

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