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IRONWOOD Business Consulting provides state and federal Human Resource compliance through onsite auditing, training and document preparation. Whether your company must comply with FMLA, ACA, FLSA or a host of additional Department of Labor acronyms, IRONWOOD is here to help. IRONWOOD has the common-sense approach to addressing a company’s regulatory requirements and apply a best-practices approach to your day-to-day employee management.


Companies use IRONWOOD to audit and identify gaps in their existing HR policies and procedures. By evaluating employer practices and performing recordkeeping audits, IRONWOOD helps companies of all sizes meet regulatory obligations and limit liabilities. Contact IRONWOOD for recommend audits or to customize an audit to meet your company-specific requirements.


At times, companies need to turn to an expert in Human Resources. IRONWOOD helps employers understand what training is required. IRONWOOD provides HR experts that can provide most any required training. Regardless of the HR training needed, contact IRONWOOD to help accomplish your training quickly and affordably.

Most Common Employer HR Questions:

  • What are my recordkeeping requirements?
  • What regulatory agencies do I fall under?
  • What posters do I have to post in the workplace?
  • What happens if I get caught violating DOL, FMLA, ACA, FLSA, or EEOC?
  • Am I responsible for contractors or temporary employees?

The answers to these questions require a deeper understanding of HR regulations and best practices. Contact IRONWOOD for clarification on your specific questions.


IRONWOOD Business Consulting has decades of experience developing policies and procedures to help businesses manage the employee life cycle. IRONWOOD’s custom HR manuals and handbooks are written to meet state, federal and client-specific requirements. IRONWOOD can write your HR manual and forms to meet your company-specific requirements and stay ahead of the ever-changing regulations. Contact us today for any specific individual polices, reviewing existing policies or re-working the entire HR process.


Most employers understand what liabilities exist everyday operating in their industry, where an employee is likely to hurt the business. However, how to address and correct affordably can be a challenge for most. IRONWOOD helps alleviate the fears of the unknown. Businesses want to separate fact from fiction. Rumors and wives’ tales can keep an employer awake at night. IRONWOOD advises business on what is required by Department of Labor (DOL) and other HR regulatory authorities.

Often business owners want to know “what if”

  • What if I cannot or do not understand what my HR requirements are?
  • What if DOL starts an investigation?
  • What if DOL cites my business?
  • What if the worst-case scenario occurs?

IRONWOOD serves as that resource proactively or through Crisis Management. Businesses need a go-to-resource like IRONWOOD Business Consulting. Contact us now. 

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