ISN® Notice Letter

Have you received an ISN® notice letter? Call IRONWOOD today to get started. A typical ISN® Notice of Compliance looks like this one below:

Dear Contractor:
At [company], safety is among our highest values. Every member of the [company] is committed to protecting our employees, visitors and contractors so they can return safely to their loved ones at the end of each workday. In support of our contractor safety program, [the company] recently established a business relationship with ISNetworld®.

What does it mean to get an ISNetworld® Notice to Join letter?

Receiving this letter means one of two things. You company is bidding on business from a company that requires ISNetworld® membership and compliance, or a current customer of your recently joined ISNetworld®, and now requires any company that works for them to be ISN® compliant as well. Either way, your company now has to get vetted and approved through the ISNetworld® member system in order to work with the company that sent the letter.

How do I get ISNetworld® Compliant?

Give IRONWOOD a call today at 936-582-1520. We can help set up your ISNetworld® account and get you ISN® compliant. What could take an individual company 3-6 months, we can do in 3-6 days. Get started now.


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