Frequent Asked ISNetworld® Questions

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What does ISNetworld cost?

ISNetworld® charges contractors for a fee that is directly related to the number of employees you have. Below is the breakdown based on your company’s size. Keep in mind, if you are new to ISNetworld®, you should report based on your current employee size, not what you hope to be. For example, if you hope you are going to ramp up to 50+ employees after you secure your big new contract, your fee would be over $3,000 even though you may only have 1 or 2 employees now. Customers have told IRONWOOD that request for refunds for this very scenario have always been denied. If you are currently using or returning to ISN®, ISNetworld® will review your OSHA 300 logs you uploaded in your account to determine your employee count. Even if your company had a reduction in size because of a downturn, your OSHA logs from the previous 3 years will determine your pricing for your ISNetworld® subscription. 

ISNetworld® new account setup usually takes a company 3-6 months on their own to get approved to work. IRONWOOD can streamline this process and get your ISNetworld® account setup and compliant in as little as 3-6 days. If you need to start work with a client that mandates ISNetworld® compliance, you need to call IRONWOOD today.

Currently pricing for ISNetworld® Subscription:

Number of Employees

Annual Fee

One-Time Setup Fee

Total Price First Year













































What do you know about Safety Services Company complaints?

IRONWOOD gets calls from businesses around the country looking for a better ISNetworld® compliance service provider than Safety Services Company. Customers complain of empty promises, being required to prepay for services never delivered, being pressured to buy a service that locks their company into multi-year contracts, and flat out lies about the services they need.

Check out some of the reviews describing past customer experience working with Safety Services Company. Regardless of the 3rd party compliance company you use to help with ISNetworld® compliance, always do you due diligence, a business “gut-check” of what is being promised, charged or contracted for years to come.

IRONWOOD can’t help you get your money back, but we can help you make the right decision moving forward. Just because you may have been taken does not mean you have to let this company continue to poorly service your ISNetworld®, Avetta, PEC or other compliance systems. Don’t chase one bad decision after the next. As we like to say, “you’ve already dug your hole, now put down the shovel and get help.” Call IROWNOOD today.

Safety Services Company - Rip Off

Safety Services Company - Warning from a Longtime Employee


Safety Services Company - DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY





What is ISNetworld®?

ISNetworld®, also referred to as ISN®, is an online contractor management system that connects contractors/suppliers to Hiring Clients/Owner Clients. ISNetworld® collects safety, quality, procurement and regulatory data to help Owner Clients evaluate the different available contractors/suppliers. Contractors provide their company and statistical information to ISNetworld®, after which ISNetworld® and Owner Clients review and verify this data through various methods.

Is ISN® required and what are the benefits of joining ISNetworld®?

Hiring Clients/Owner Clients join ISN® to help manage their contractors’ health, safety & environmental compliance, quality, insurance documentation and regulatory statistical history. Contractors do not have to join ISN®. However, typically the Hiring Client will require successful ISN® registration to start business or continue a business relationship. There are always exceptions and variances to this requirement but contractors should discuss options with IRONWOOD.

ISN® does provide benefits but those benefits should be scrutinized. Joining ISN® as a marketing venture when there are no active contracts in place and there are no strong future possible relationships with a Hiring Client/Owner Client may generate some unneeded frustrations and unnecessary costs.

What are RAVS®?

Review and Verification Services (RAVS®) is the safety program part of an ISN® account. ISNetworld® and Hiring Clients want contractors to upload key parts of a safety program to verify a contractor’s understanding of safety regulations. What parts are needed to be upload can be a challenge for the average contractor. A small business may not have a safety manual and a large business may have a manual that is too comprehensive or lacking in specific Hiring Client requirements. IRONWOOD has the right solution for ISN® RAVS®. We can write and develop the RAVS® safety programs for any contractor needing to meet RAVS® requirements.

Can I do ISNetworld® myself?

A contractor can absolutely handle their own ISNetworld® account! The challenge may be the time and energy that can be devoted to getting the account compliant while managing other business functions. A common client testimonial is the process can take 3-6 months to navigate through the ISN® compliance process on your own. IRONWOOD typically navigates a contractor through ISN® and completes the setup process in less than 6 days.

IRONWOOD assures the best grade a contractor’s history allows. Some regulatory, safety, and insurance history is difficult to overcome on your own. If this is your case, let IRONWOOD help put a plan in place to overcome the business' history and improve the company's grade moving forward. 

If I want a 3rd Party Administrator, how do I pick the right one?

If a contractor wants help getting an ISN® account setup and/or maintained, selecting a 3rd party administrator can be a minefield of promises. Contractors should be cautious of guarantees and high-pressure sales tactics. When speaking with a 3rd Party Administrator, do they understand a contractor’s business, regulations they face, and challenges they are trying to overcome? Red flags include prepayment requirements, multi-year contracts, special discounts for a quick signup and a general sense of sleaziness. Business owners and executives work hard for every dollar spent, it’s important for contractors to trust their gut when handing over ISNetworld® compliance. Contact IRONWOOD Business Consulting anytime to compare quotes and question what other 3rd party administrators are promising.

Who can view my information I upload into ISN®?

All ISNetworld® Hiring Clients/Owner Clients can view contractor supplied information. A contractor has to be wary of the fact that a Hiring Client can view contractor data with or without the contractor knowing. What does this mean? A contractor could have potential business relationships sour because of inaccurate or incomplete data uploaded into the contractor ISN® account. It is very important for contractors to provide the most accurate and complete data possible, as well as keep data current within the ISN® program.

Can a contractor upload corrected OSHA logs into ISN®?

Yes, contractors can upload new OSHA 300 logs into ISNetworld®. Contractors need to be aware that Hiring Clients/Owner Clients will see previous OSHA 300 logs that have been uploaded. Contractors that have a legitimate reason for correcting their logs or those jockeying the grades typically will need to answer to their customers on why they changed their OSHA 300 logs. It is not uncommon for the uninformed contractor to upload 3 and 4 OSHA logs for the same year without knowing the tracking history created and the impression left with Hiring Clients.

What regulatory agencies does ISNetworld® use to verify a contractor’s citation history?

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

How does ISN® search for a contractor’s citation history?

ISNetworld® uses the company name, NAICS/SIC code and mailing address to try to match any regulatory citation history. The search can be imperfect because OSHA, MSHA and EPA could all spell a company’s name with enough variation that citations may be missed or assigned in error.

What if my citation is not finalized?

Only citations that have been settled and closed will appear in a contractor’s ISN® account. If your citation is still under investigation, in the informal settlement process or being contested, ISN® does not consider that a finalized citation.

Can a citation assigned to a contractor in error be removed? How long before a citation starts negatively impacting a contractor’s ISN® grade?

It is unusual but it is possible that a citation was assigned to a contractor because of similar company names, wrong site locations, subsidiaries or a host of other anomalies. If a contractor has a valid reason for removing a citation, they can request ISN® to remove a regulatory citation that is attached to their account. A citation removal form needs to be completed.

Contractors have seven days to complete a citation removal request. After seven days, the contractor’s grade starts being impacted from the regulatory citation.

How long does it take for a new ISN® account to review existing contractor citations? How often does ISN® check a contractor’s history for new citation?

The first citation review is typically completed with 30 days for a new account. After that, every six months ISNetworld® checks OSHA, MSHA and EPA for any new contractor citations.

Are state-specific OSHA and EPA citations reviewed by ISNetworld®?


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