What does ISNetworld® cost?

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Want to join ISNetworld®? Make sure you understand the cost and process for subscribing. ISNetworld® charges contractors for a fee that is directly related to the number of employees you have. Below is the breakdown based on your company’s size. Keep in mind, if you are a new to ISNetworld, you should report based on your currently employee size, not what you hope to be.

For example, if you hope you are going to ramp up to 50+ employees after you secure your big new contract, your fee would be over $3,000 even though you may only have 1 or 2 employees now. Customers have told IRONWOOD that request for refunds for this very scenario have always been denied. If you are currently using or returning to ISN, ISNetworld® will review your OSHA 300 logs you uploaded in your account to determine your employee count. Even though your company had a reduction in size because of a downturn, your OSHA logs from the previous 3 years will determine your pricing for your ISNetworld® subscription.

Also, remember that the fee to get your account number is not the fee for getting your account uploaded and compliant. If you are handling the setup process yourself, you have the cost of all time invested. If you are utilizing a firm like IRONWOOD to help streamline your setup process, you will incur an additional setup fee for our help.

This may change, but currently for United States Subscription:

Number of Employees

Annual Fee

One-Time Setup Fee

Total Price First Year













































Contact IRONWOOD today 936-582-1520 for complete ISNetworld® account setup help!

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