Top 5 ISN mistakes you might be making

Ironwood Business Consulting understands ISNetworld and other third-party Compliance Management Systems may be challenging.  It is the Company’s intent to help customers navigate through these systems, satisfy requirements and help administer the account to reduce mistakes that may ultimately impact the ability to perform work for Hiring Clients. 

The Top 5 ISNetworld mistakes are:

1. I am not going to respond to ISNetworld Hiring Client’s monthly action items, because I am not currently performing work for them.

a. It is important to maintain and complete open tasks in ISNetworld for a Hiring Client even though work is not presently being performed.  Many tasks have grading components associated to them.  Failure to maintain and complete the open tasks may impact the score issued for a Hiring Client and prevent consideration for performing future work.

Ironwood Business Consulting wishes the success of all companies.  It assists in administering the account on a monthly schedule to allow the business owner continued opportunities. 

2. I do not have policies/ RAVS to submit to ISNetworld.  I do not have time to create them and do not need them.

a. Businesses are encouraged to establish written policies as these documents communicate a Company’s guiding principles, instructions and operational structure.  Most importantly these policies should ensure compliance with laws and regulations. 
In majority of the instances, RAVS are required because of the work type the Company performs or a Hiring Client requires it. 

Ironwood Business Consulting assists in guiding a business owner in establishing good policies and educating the Company on how to best understand and ensure compliance with the laws and regulations applicable to their business.  In instances where the RAV is not applicable to the work type, Ironwood Business consulting assists the customer in requesting the necessary variances.

3. ISNetworld is requesting Training Documents. I do not document the training provided to my employees.  I will ignore the request.

a. In most industries, it is legally required to document training and record who was trained, when and what skills were mastered.

Ironwood Business Consulting provides guidance on methods to identify training gaps, how to eliminate them and establish training documents that comply with both legal, state and ISN requirements.

4. I was issued an “F” in ISNetworld for inadequate insurance coverage.  I guess I will not work for the Hiring Client.

a. Hiring Clients hold varying insurance requirements.  In some instances, the requirements may not apply to the scope of work the Company may perform for the Hiring Client. Ironwood Business Consulting helps identify if a variance should be requested and guides the client throughout the process.

5. ISNetworld is requesting an OSHA log.  I don’t keep one.

a. OSHA requires employers with more than 10 employees keep a record of work-related injuries and illnesses.  These records must be maintained for five years.  ISNetworld requests these records to ensure a Company is abiding by the recordkeeping requirements and evaluate the Company’s workplace safety.  Ironwood Business Consulting aids in identifying if the Company is required to maintain OSHA logs and assist in properly creating the records.  


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